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Gene Editing Service

University of California Rates


gRNA Design and Validation


2-4 weeks

Targeted Gene Knock-Out


4-6 months

Targeted Gene Knock-In/Point Mutation or Reporter Line


5-7 months

User Cell Line Characterization


3-5 weeks

Cell Clone Screening

$25 per clone

2-3 weeks

The UCI SCRC CRISPR Core provides CRISPR gene editing services to targeted gene knock-out or knock-in/point mutation lines. Gene editing may be performed in human iPSC/ESC/NSC supplied by the core facility or your laboratory (referred to as user “user cell line”). Immortalized cell lines the core can purchase from ATCC may also be used. The following services are offered.

* Allele-specific analysis is offered for an additional fee. Please inquire.
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