BioTek Cytation 5

BioTek Cytation 5

The BioTek Cytation 5 is a plate reader with imaging capabilities for long-term time lapse experiments.

For plate reading, it includes fluorescence, absorbance (200-999nm), and chemiluminescence while using a monochromator or filters (with DAPI/GFP/TxRed/RFP/CY5) for fast kinetic readings such as TRF, FP, FRET, ALPHA, and more.

It also has a BioSpa incubation chamber allowing for long-time lapse imaging with up to six simultaneous experiments. It is versatile, with the ability to read whole or part 6- to 384-well plates, slides, 35mm plates, and more. It includes shake and time-delay control.

For imaging, it includes a wide-view camera, an autofocus cube, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x (non-oil) objectives with DAPI/GFP/TxRed/RFP/CY5 standard filters, brightfield, and digital phase contrast.

For training please contact:

Allia Fawaz
SCRC Core Microscope Imaging Manager
Gross Hall Building Manager
(949) 824-0430