Axion Biosystems Maestro Edge

Azure Biosystems c600 System

QuantStudio 7 Real-Time PCR System

Imager - ChemiDoc XRS System

Imager – BioRad VersaDoc MP 5000

Transfector – Lonza Nucleofector II

Cell Irradiator – Foxitron 43855D RX-650

Tissue Processing

Spectrophotometer - Nanodrop 2000c

Fluorometer - Qubit 4


BioSpherix XVIVO Hypoxia Workstation



Please note that effective May 1, 2018, the SCRC Recharge Facility has implemented new iLab Scheduling and Recharge System. You will need to create your user account prior to booking and using the equipment. Contact Vanessa, Allia, or the SCRC Administrative team if you need any assistance setting up your account. All usage must be logged in real time by online sign in and sign out to ensure appropriate billing.

For Training Please Contact:
Allia Fawaz
SCRC Core Microscope Imaging Manager
Gross Hall Building Manager
(949) 824-0430