Nicolas M. Phielipp, M.D.

Nicolas M. Phielipp, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor, Neurology


Dr Phielipp is a native of Argentina, born and raised in the Northern Patagonia region. He obtained his MD degree at the University of Buenos Aires, and completed a residency in neurology at the French hospital in Buenos Aires. He completed a one-year fellowship in Parkinson’s and other movement disorders at the Favaloro Foundation-Institute for Neurosciences in Argentina under the mentorship of Oscar Gershanik, and subsequently a three-year fellowship in neurophysiology and movement disorders under the mentorship of Drs. Robert Chen and Anthony Lang at the University of Toronto. He also has participated in research projects involving transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of mood and motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, the mechanism of deep brain stimulation in cervical dystonia, the mechanism of action of botulinum toxin in the treatment of writer's cramp and musician's dystonia and the treatment of psychogenic/functional tremor. He moved to California by the end of 2013.


Phielipp's research interests include the treatment of Parkinson's disease and task-specific dystonias, such as writer's cramp and musician's, golfer's or tennis player's dystonia. He also is interested in developing techniques to better diagnose Parkinson's disease, understanding the mechanisms involved in deep brain stimulation, and improving the diagnosis and management of movement disorders in general.



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Department Affiliations:
School of Medicine, Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Program, Neurology