Telecommuting Resources


For UCI Employees:

Anyconnect VPN Instructions

For Windows: Download Anyconnect VPN from this link:

  • Then, follow instructions for setting up VPN here (select second tab “Getting connected”):
  • When connecting to VPN, you will have to fill in 3 fields: Username (enter UCInetID), Password (enter UCInetID password), DUO method (enter “push”) click OK. This will trigger DUO notification.

Now you are connected to the UCI Health VPN. To remote into desktop, click on the search icon in Windows 10 and search “Remote desktop connection” Enter your UCI computer name (can be found on a sticker on the desktop PC, should be 7 characters) and UCInetID password.

For Mac Users:

Remote Desktop Configuration for Mac:

Obtaining Professional Zoom License

For instructions on how to obtain professional Zoom licenses, go to this link:

Free smart mobile phone apps for scanning documents

SCRC's administrative services will remain open while operating remotely to support your lab's purchasing and reimbursement needs.  Please see the updates to our purchasing procedures if you are not already using an electronic and paperless system. 

  1.  The lab emails their purchase request to their designated purchaser.
  2. The purchaser places the order and forwards the lab their order confirmation.
  3. Once the lab receives their delivery, they will email a scan or photo of the packing slip or confirms receipt of the order to their purchaser via email.

During this time please do not leave any paper requests in your purchaser’s offices and double-check to make sure someone will be in the lab to receive your package.  To scan documents with a smart mobile device, you can use one of the recommended applications below:

  1. Android Devices: Evernote or Office Lens
  2. iOS: Scannable or Office Lens

Voicemails FAQ

To access voicemail from any off-campus phone, dial (949) 824-8989.

For any questions about voicemails, here is the FAQ on said topic by OIT: