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Improving human health through stem cell research

Laguna Beach couple Sue and Bill Gross like to contribute to cutting-edge organizations that have a major impact.

Bill and Sue Gross

In making a $10 million gift to establish the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center at UC Irvine, their impact is certain to provide benefits on a global scale.

Sue and Bill developed a keen interest in stem cell research after watching a “60 Minutes” program that profiled Hans Keirstead’s work at UC Irvine. The show described his use of a treatment derived from human embryonic stem cells to improve mobility in laboratory animals with spinal cord injuries. The couple were later invited to tour UC Irvine’s Reeve Irvine Research Center, and after learning more about the breakthrough stem cell research being performed by Hans Keirstead, Peter Donovan, Susan Bryant and others, they knew they wanted to get involved.

“UCI is at the forefront of scientific research because of the interdisciplinary collaboration among its faculty, staff and departments,” Bill says. “This cross-functional approach has enabled the campus to become a hub of stem cell research in Southern California.”

Bill Gross is founder and co-CIO of the Newport Beach-based international investment firm PIMCO. He is the world’s most prominent bond investor, managing nearly $2 trillion, and the couple are known for their generous gifts to educational and health care institutions.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate research that will save lives and provide vast benefits for the citizens of Orange County and beyond,” Sue says.