Roche Lightcycler 480II RT-qPCR


The Roche Lightcycler 480II RT-qPCR machine is able to accepts 96- and 384-sample plates with their respective thermal blocks. It uses one speed, room-temperature stable reagents to accommodate afternoon set up for next-day morning runs. The proprietary cyclic light pattern provides even light detection eliminating the need to use rox staining. The Lightcycler 480II takes advantage of Roche hybridization probes as well as SYBR Green. It can also perform true melting curve analysis, automated absolute quantification, and relative quantification with efficiency correction.

Web-based training (30 minutes)

For Training Please Contact:

Allia Fawaz
SCRC Core Microscope Imaging Manager
Gross Hall Building Manager
(949) 824-0430