SCRC Membership Application

Section 1

Regular (or Full) Membership Eligibility

Full Membership Application

Any current UCI Faculty member is eligible for SCRC membership if that faculty member:

• Is the Principal Investigator or Co-P.I. of a peer reviewed research grant from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM).

• Is the Principal Investigator or Co-P.I. of a peer reviewed research grant from the NIH, NSF or other national or state agency or foundation if the primary focus of that grant is in any area of regenerative medicine including the function or use of stem cells.

• Is the mentor of a trainee supported on a CIRM or NIH stem cell research training grant.

• Is a regular user of SCRC research services such as flow cytometry or other equipment or has participated in a SCRC sponsored stem cell research techniques training course.

• Has served on a relevant faculty committee (e.g. a SCRC new faculty search committee or the UCI Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee.)

Clinical Membership Eligibility

Clinical Membership Application

This category of membership is appropriate for faculty who are involved in regenerative medicine education or clinical programs but are not currently engaged in stem cell research.

SCRC Membership Privileges
• Participation in planning SCRC sponsored events such as research symposia, educational programs, community outreach, and fund-raising events.

• Access to apply for SCRC sponsored seed grants.

• Priority access to SCRC shared research equipment and services. These services will be open to the UCI community, often on a recharge basis. However, when high utilization causes access to become a problem, priority will be given to SCRC members.

• Authorization to list “Member, Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center” on publications, curriculum vitae and UCI academic personnel documents.

Membership Responsibilities
Members of the SCRC may be called upon to participate in SCRC activities such as:

• SCRC educational activities

• Community relations programs

• Donor relations programs

• Planning and participating in SCRC sponsored scientific symposia

• SCRC committees